George Russell, General Manager

George Russell, General Manager

The recruitment expert with a passion for excellence

As a seasoned recruitment professional, George’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch staffing solutions has earned him an excellent reputation in the healthcare sector. With a keen eye for talent and a dedication to providing the best possible service, George and his team at Agape Global are the go-to experts in their specialised sectors. Hailing from Donegal, George’s desire to make a difference in the lives of local businesses and global job-seekers led him to establish Agape Global. His mission is to provide elite staffing solutions that make a real impact, and his passion for recruitment shines through in every aspect of his work.

Vanessa Russell, Management Director

Vanessa Russell, Management Director

The mastermind behind our seamless office operations and accounts department

At Agape Global, Vanessa is the go-to expert for ensuring that all back-office operations and payments run like a well-oiled machine. Her sharp eye for detail and unparalleled expertise make her an invaluable asset to the team. As a qualified solicitor, Vanessa brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to her role. Her meticulous approach to every task ensures that clients and candidates receive the highest level of service possible. From managing contracts to handling payments, Vanessa is dedicated to making every aspect of the recruitment process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With Vanessa on board, you can rest assured that your experience with Agape Global will be nothing short of exceptional.

Alan Farrell, Head of Recruitment

Alan Farrell, Head of Recruitment

Your recruitment pro with a flair for sourcing and developing talent, and delivering results

With many years of experience in the sector, Alan has established himself as a true expert in recruitment and management. Having worked extensively across Ireland and the UK, he knows what it takes to deliver top-quality staff for permanent, locum, and temporary positions.
Alan understands the recruitment process, and his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to clients and candidates alike is second to none. As a specialist in overseas recruitment, he has successfully placed countless healthcare professionals in global roles.
With his guidance and support, up-and-coming recruiters are given the opportunity to flourish and grow while maintaining the same high standards that Agape Global is known for.

Michelle Seyfried, Hospital Consultant

Orlaith Duffy, Hospital Consultant

Your medical recruitment specialist with a real talent for sourcing the perfect candidates to make the move to the beautiful sunshine of Australia.

Orlaith is a Nurse Manager currently based in Australia. Originally from Ireland, she made the life-changing decision to move to Australia 13 years ago to work as a nurse. Orlaith understands the challenges of relocating, finding a job, and navigating the visa process from Ireland to Australia. Having experienced the journey herself, she is thrilled to be working with Agape Global, where she can assist and support individuals facing similar challenges and make the process a lot easier for them.

Michelle Seyfried, Hospital Consultant

Luisa Almeida, Healthcare Recruitment Manager

Luisa Almeida is a Healthcare Recruitment Manager with a seasoned professional with a genuine
knack for identifying and connecting with the ideal candidates.

Luisa Almeida is an experienced and dedicated Healthcare Recruitment Manager at Agape Global. With a decade in Medical Recruitment, Account Management, and Human Resources, Luisa excels in problem-solving and swift information interpretation. She thrives both independently and in collaborative team settings, demonstrating resilience under pressure and exceptional multitasking skills. Luisa’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence make her a standout professional in healthcare recruitment. Connect with her as she navigates Agape Global towards new horizons.

Chloe Norton, Staffing Manager

Emma Boylan, Marketing Manager

Emma Boylan is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business strategist

Driven by a mission to foster business success, Emma equips Agape Global with the necessary tools and strategies to thrive in our ventures. Emma is widely recognized as a sought-after international speaker and trainer. She has delivered compelling workshops across the globe, demonstrating her exceptional ability to engage diverse audiences and tailor her training to cater to individual needs. Emma possesses a unique talent for reading a room and creating an environment where every participant feels enriched by the experience. Her unwavering passion, unwavering dedication, and remarkable expertise have transformed Agape Global and is a valid member of the team to make sure both company and clients are represented to the best across the globe.

elaine curran

Elaine Curran, Office Manager

Elaine joins our team to assist with administration and general office duties.